My creative impulse was nagged the last few weeks by a deep shady spot that I pass regularly on campus—-one of those cool, inviting spots where someone can escape the brutal heat and humidity. I gave in to that creative impulse the last couple of days. So far, this is what I came up with.

The “place” of the poem.

The Deep Dark Shade of Summer
Composed June 2015 on the campus of LSUE

The deep dark shade of summer
broods in shadows
cast by sprawling boughs,
a shady rest and retreat
where leafy branches
arrest the summer sun,
the rude summer sun
whose tropical glare
strains in vain
to invade the sanctum
of shade’s cooling space.

When long June days swelter and pant,
we flee to such shade.
Deep shade,
dark shade,
the deep dark shade of summer
where dark-cooled, dappled earth
mocks mid-morning sun
and all its sultry ways.
Cool beneath an Oaken canopy,
the deep dark shade of summer
outshines the sun.