Patio dwelling is a universal instinct of mankind.

Patio dwelling is a universal instinct.   Man was made for outdoors.

At home or away, the season for patio dwelling persists in the summer souls of men and women. It’s as universal as wanderlust. Last weekend we hung outdoors with Zach and Trisha on their patio in Texas.

No, Texas patios are not larger than Louisiana patios, legends and myths notwithstanding. All patios work  the same for chillin’ and grillin’.  North or south, east or west, near or far, patios are soul places for family, friends, and times remembered.

Whether a quiet Saturday morning coffee, a birthday celebration, a family reunion, or a friendly gathering for any occasion, days are  blessed in fresh, open spaces right outside the back door.

Family makes patio dwelling rock.

Family and food—-like boudin!—-make patio dwelling rock.

A patio's not a patio without a grill.

A patio’s not a patio without a grill.