A few weeks ago as I navigated through university’s my.lsue portal to assist a student advisee with his Fall 2015 schedule,  I was startled at the appearance of this mySchedule screen as the following message flashed upon the monitor:

My LSUE teaching "load" for next semester.

My LSUE teaching “load” for next semester.

At first, I believed something was wrong.  I’ve navigated through this frame in my.courses for over a decade.  Until this day, though, I had never seen this frame pronounce the bland proclamation, “There are no courses for the given session and year.”  Always in that space, from year to year to year to year, has been a list of courses that indicated my teaching assignment for the upcoming term.  I could click on the course links to open class rosters of students who were registered in each section.

Once I recovered from the momentary stunning, of course, I smiled inwardly.  The empty space is simply one more confirmation that this 28 year career in public education is coming to an end.  And since this phase of life’s work is ending on my terms, I gloriously have no need to verify the correctness of the session and year’s indication: This indication couldn’t be more correct!