I teased the kids in the youth creative writing camp yesterday when I told them that one of the reasons I write is to show off.  It’s true!  The thank you emailI sent to my colleagues on the Academic Council this morning (see below) provides an example of bombastic rhetoric applied to an authentic rhetorical situation.   I believe the communique works because, in spite of the hyperbole and high-flown diction, the message conveys humor to an audience that knows my ethos (credibility, sincerity) without my having to convince them.  I would never send a message like this to people who don’t know me.  (Hmmmm…..Or would I?)

Policy Statement Review: an example of the onerous work of Academic Council!

Policy Statement Review: an example of the onerous work of Academic Council!

Friends and colleagues,

I want to thank you for your acknowledgement in Academic Council last Tuesday of the end of my 28 year career in public education.  Over the years and through the unsavory tedium of administrative chores like policy review, catalogue revisions, and other butt-numbing episodes of endless deliberation, this body’s bright wits, not-quite-irreverent-but-getting-close sense of humor, and collegial spirit has made Academic Council meetings bearable…. Or almost, anyway.

In all seriousness, of course, I’m proud to have shared this portion of my career’s trail with you.  I admire you individually and collectively for your intelligence, your commitment, and the good spirit that has ever endured in spite of the mean season of these recent years.

My last day at work is July 24, so this isn’t to say farewell just yet—for now, just thanks.  And  I look forward to continuing friendship and association with many of you as we continue to live and work for good causes.

May God  bless you and LSUE!

David L. Pulling, Director of Continuing Education for 9 More “Daze”

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