Today is a monumental day. Not just because it’s my oldest child’s birthday—-in that respect, August 4 has been a monumental day since 1982. But this August 4 is unique for a significant first: For the first time in almost 28 years, I am not a public educator in the State system. I am officially RETIRED!

Looking over the content of posts in this forum for the past year or so, this day may have been obscured in the countdown check-offs on the 26th of each month, because the original plan was for retirement to coincide with my birthday occurring on the same date as the end of my Teacher’s Retirement DROP period. My DROP period did end on that date, but because of a technicality in my summer school teaching appointment and the Retirement System rules, I couldn’t retire until summer school ended on the academic calendar. So last spring I revised my retirement date from July 26 to August 4. I have been on leave since July 24, so my work truly ended on that date. Believe me, I have “looked” very retired since my last day at work on that next-to-last Friday in July.

But today is the real deal, the official date stamped on the record. Although the transition from active State employee to retired has been going on seamlessly for 10 days, August 4, 2015, is the last milepost on the journey to the next phase.

All checked out!

All checked out!

And that next phase kinda looks like a career circle as I go from retirement to rehirement. Before I joined forces with public education in 1987, I worked for seven years in private church-related education. In a few days, I’ll resume my career as an educator by returning to private church-related education. From private to public and back to private looks like a circle, sure enough. Borrowing a thought from the preacher of Ecclesiastes, “Is there truly anything new under the sun?” in the circuitous lanes of existence?

Ah, the answer to that question is a good subject for a post some day soon. But for today, I’ll end here and simply bask in the satisfaction and fulfillment of this time and place that the past 28 years has led me to.