A bane of the profession of letters, or teaching composition for short, is reading and grading papers.

Reading and grading.  That’s the hard part.  If just reading were the task, or just grading the task, the work would be much simpler.  But we’re tasked with both.  First we read, then we-read, and then we grade if we’re lucky enough to settle on a grade after two once-throughs.  No student composition is lightly treated.  Doing it right takes time!

I’m enjoying reading high school compositions more than I enjoyed college student compositions, at least for now.  I’m intrigued with the developmental progressions from one high school grade to the next, and the students seem to be trying really hard to make good impressions on their teacher.

Yes, the paper chase, for all its exasperation and demands of time, is a reward of the profession.  Especially when  one of our student bards

Stacks to read, stacks to grade.  Time, oh time, why isn't there enough of you?

Stacks to read, stacks to grade. Time, oh time, why isn’t there enough of you?