The morning prayer at school includes a sentence that has captivated me:

middlegrail“Enlighten us with Your holy grace.”

I had the students write reflections on that sentence today.  I shared with them my definition of grace: the unmerited favor of God.  I posed the question, to them but as much to me, “How does grace enlighten us?”

All my life in church and bible study, I would have used many verbs to complete the sentence: “Grace enables us, grace saves us, grace calls us, grace finds us…”

But I never would have thought “Grace enlightens us.”

Wow!  That’s heavy.  To obtain enlightenment, I think of the need for teaching, for inspiration, for study, for training.  But not for grace!

But why not grace?  The depths and mysteries of faith are too profound for my finite humanity to understand!  I am dependent on grace—-God’s unmerited favor—-to probe those depths with understanding and discernment.  If I depended on my own wits, I’d be in trouble!

So thanks be to God for the enlightenment of amazing grace.