I turn the blog over tonight to my beloved.  The following post is my faithful wife’s words on Facebook, recalling her maternal legacy of faith.  Power to the women!

MaMere's ring.

MaMere’s ring.

I sometimes wear my great grandmother/grandmother’s wedding ring in place of my own. Although it bears many dents, dings, and scratches, I love it and often wonder what those marks represent. I wonder, if in part, it could be….Cooking over an open fire for a husband and seven children everyday. Picking cotton in the south La. heat; washing clothes with only a washboard and no running water and ironing with a flat iron heated over the fireplace and only an outhouse; caring for chickens, sheep, and cattle daily; praying over and tending a sick child with no medicine or doctor readily available; on her knees everyday praying for the watch care and safety of her sons fighting in WWII; Helping to plant and tend the crops and the family garden and praying for God to provide enough for her family to eat each day. I’m thankful for the legacy, commitment and faithfulness this ring represents. ‪#‎womenoffai