We are vigilant in our ever-constant lookout for outdoor living space upgrades. Since we converted a former dog pen into that gardenesque “happy place” that has shown up in posts from time to time for the past three years, our determination’s been upward and onward for improvements.

So this season we added a fire pit. Last night I baptized it with a small hardwood fire to celebrate the season’s first cool snap along with Thursday night football. Not bad!IMG_0153

Usually this time of year, the mosquito population hits its seasonal zenith, so I was worried after dark that I wouldn’t be able to hang. But, the Deep Woods Off—-and maybe the smoke from the fire?—-kept the insects at bay until I was ready to come in on my own terms, not the mosquitoes’.

Tomorrow is Saturday morning and the temp should be really fresh. A cheerful fire, a day full of football, and the first Saturday of October: These three are meant for one another.