Today’s generation of smart phones cost $500 to $650. I wouldn’t lay mine down in the church vestibule on Sunday morning for fear of its disappearance.

But at this school, students arriving in the morning sign in on a list and then drop their phones in a plastic tub in the entrance vestibule. Little if any supervision.

Once the morning tardy bell rings, an office assistant picks up the tub and secures the phones until the afternoon when the tub is placed in the vestibule at school day’s end so students can pick up their phones. Totally, an honor system.

And furthermore, up and down the halls lined with student lockers, not a padlock in sight! They’re not lockers because they’re not locked–they’re just storage cabinets, open to anyone who wants to look (or steal) inside.

But no one steals.

Honor is not dead at St. Edmund.

Honor is not dead at St. Edmund.

What an utter cult of honesty! We harken to times and places like this in yesteryear. How unique that such a place and such a cult of honesty persists in these days!