Last week I got to write along with a class of eighth graders writing about Saturday-things-do-do. I publish here the by-product of that entertaining session.

“Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.” Yep, that’s one of the Ten Commandments. But in Moses’s day, the Sabbath was Saturday, not Sunday. So how do I keep the Sabbath holy? Read on!patio

When I wake up on Saturday, two immediate thoughts reign: coffee, and Game Day. After two cups of Rouse’s dark roast brew and an overripe banana to break the fast, I turn on the TV on the patio and tune in to ESPN for a couple of hours of pre-game gab. By mid-morning, I’ve had enough of the pre-game talk—-after all, talk is cheap—-so I usually do two things before the games start: go for a jog and do some outdoor or yardwork chores. In football season, the weather is often perfect for running, so I cover a 5K route in a little over half an hour. The run also gets my heart rate up enough to manufacture the energy and motivation to tackle the yard work.

After yardwork and running, the true meaning of Sabbath in October begins to crystallize: Just like the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus, the real meaning of October is FOOTBALL!! I usually watch a warm-up game in the afternoon to get the juices flowing, grilling some juicy steaks or pork chops while I watch.

But the crowning act of Sabbath worship is watching those LSU Tigers. Geaux, LSU!  So ends a true day of holiness, especially when LSU wins. And doubly-holy those Sabbaths when Saban and the detested Tide fall in defeat!

So finally, at the end of such a blessed and holy day, what else can I say but “Amen!” Thank you, Jesus, for a day of rest, recreation, and SEC football!