I tell my younger teaching colleagues several times a week how hazardous teaching becomes once a teacher becomes a grandparent.  That doting permissiveness that enables our own grandchildren to manipulate us becomes a factor in the IMG_0188classroom where the much younger students, especially those with charming, childlike smiles and affectatious manners, sense there’s a grandparent in the room.  They have grandparents, too, so they know how the game is played!

I don’t mind, though.  They’re pleasant to hang out with, they laugh at some of my jokes, and best of all, they do respect my need to teach them things they need to know.  From day to day, they work as hard at having fun as they do at learning.

So everybody wins!  We laugh, we learn, we grow—-even the grandparent teacher, who knows from these humble rewards that God’s put him in the right place at the right time.