I avoid blogging about politics.  So many fresh and uplifting topics beg for blog space.  But in this Louisiana gubernatorial election season, this state needs a fresh and uplifting change.  And that change ain’t Senator David Vitter, who in spite of his recent political feuds with the Clown Prince Bobby Jindal to make it appear that he’s different, looks more like the same old-same old right wing Republican buffonery we grew accustomed to with Jindal.

The right wing’s theme: Let’s cut, cut, cut, cut!   No matter that our State roads are unmaintained, filled with potholes.  That our colleges have shifted tuition increase burdens to students at the highest rate in the nation over the past 5 or 6 years.  That we have to wait in line for hours at DMV to renew our drivers’ licenses.  That our public school districts are dangling by financial threads while bizarre (publicly-funded) charter schools blossom like spring broadweeds  and vouchers suck funding from public institutions that were already un-funded.

No, I’m sick of it.  I was in Texas recently and drove through a high school campus.  Not to the campus, but through the campus, because its spacious layout spread over square city blocks out like a community college.  Buildings are dedicated to trades like Cosmetology.   We don’t have public school facilities like that in Louisiana.  Our ranting and raving Tea Party fools think that taxation is a dirty word!  So how do our un-funded high school campuses compare?  They don’t!  It’s embarrassing.

So I’m not going to vote for David Vitter.  I urge anyone who cares about education in Louisiana–education at any level, from kindergarten through college–to give John Bel Edwards the vote.  He was Jindal’s adversary in the legislature, and he’ll be education’s friend—-and Louisiana’s friend—-in the Governor’s Office.

What does Louisiana have to lose, compared to what we’ve lost in the past eight years, anyway?

John Bel Edwards for Governor!

John Bel Edwards for Governor!