The holidays.  Days of family, reflection, thanksgiving, …

Or “daze” of market-place insanity, crowded places, and stress-out?


The shopper’s bane: More customers than checkouts adding needless stress to the human condition, especially during holidays supposedly consecrated for devotion and thanksgiving.

I vote for family, reflection, and thanksgiving, although culture’s hell-bound, commercial bent certainly challenges the realistic hope for that outcome.  This time of year, a routine trip to the supermarket for milk and bread can turn into an epic ordeal in crowded checkout lines made up of many rude, demanding shoppers whose rudeness only worsens when check-out lines lengthen.

So my pre-New Year’s resolution is to avoid  places of commerce as best I can in this season so I can keep my spiritual perspective in these days.  Therefore, I resolve as follows: As for trips to Laffy, never on a Friday afternoon or Saturday until mid-January.  To the mall, never until after January.  As for the interstate highways, no trips on Fridays and no trips the day before or the day after one of the holidays.

Home will be the base, the safest and best retreat, until  holiday madness runs its tempestuous course sometime next year.