LSU-Alexandria celebrated commencement yesterday.  One of my former  online English 1002 students, Lauren, graduated with a degree in education.  She’s going to teach, and I’m proud.  I wish I could  count the number of my former students who have grown up to enter the profession.

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Lauren’s graduation FaceBook pix included this proud declaration.  I welcome another former student to the craft and the calling!

Lauren did college the non-traditional way,  so I respect her achievement all the more.  She was beyond traditional college age and married with family responsibilities when she started.   For whatever reason, she didn’t go to college straight out of high school.  Maybe the opportunity wasn’t there, perhaps she didn’t believe in herself at that stage of her life, or maybe those around her didn’t believe.

No matter.  One of the rewards of my teaching career at LSUE over the years was running into those adult students, the ones the system or society overlooked for promise and potential.  But however their starts in higher ed were delayed or denied, once they got their break, they seized opportunity with two tight fists, as if they had something to prove.

I loved teaching those students, and so I loved teaching Lauren.  Best of all,  I’m proud she’s becoming a teacher!

May God bless the calling placed on her life, for  teaching is a holy craft!