Daze and daze of mud unending?

I grew up  on the Gulf Coast.  All my life, I have seen mildew-dripping fog and humidity thick enough to drink.  But this season’s muggy spell is off the chart for both degree and duration.  As we sit weather-logged inside, beset by thundery showers and misty fog  for the fifth consecutive day, noting that each day progressively  waxed more miserable than the day before, we sarcastically consider Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” as a cruel cliche.  So how about a parody appropriate for the day?

With the tree tops dripping
and rain squalls whipping
We have to wade out through the mud.

We’re dreaming of a brown Christmas
Worse than the ones we always knew.
As the day feels dreary and down
So will all this Christmas day be brown.