IMG_0323I got a kick out of a Catholic youth evangelist/missionary who came to school today to raise Christ’s appeal to our student body.  He preached in a robust style, much like I’ve known from Baptist preachers.  At one point in his discourse, he asked if any one in the audience had been to a tent revival, for he had preached in such.

I raised and waived my hand, the only hand elevated in all the mainly Catholic assembly.

The preacher remarked how rare in a Catholic audience that anyone had been in a tent revival!  He never assumed that I wasn’t Catholic!

No matter, though.  The young man’s pathos and sincerity raised the rafters of the school gym as young people responded to truth.  Not Catholic truth or Baptist truth or any other claim to truth: Just the simple truth of the Cross.

There was no tent over the gym.  But revival fell!