Nineteen long years have passed since I had a paid day off for Lundi Gras (Fat Monday, the eve of Fat Tuesday).   We  celebrated the upcoming holiday on our last day of school  Friday with some good humor and Cajun music.


The Friday before the long Mardi Gras weekend called for a Cajun-musical change-of-pace as we contemplated four “daze” off.

So far this Lundi Gras, I’ve drunk coffee with an unrushed, weekend-ish leisure; run an errand into town; and alternated watching CNN and ESPN (May the chronicle reflect that today is also the day-after the Broncos smothered Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50).  I’ve got some chores and piddling scheduled for the rest of the morning, and we’ll run off on a shopping jaunt this afternoon when Sarah’s home.   The varied and stress-free pace of life is sweet.

As a retiree-become-rehiree, this pace pleases me immensely and affirms the decision I made last July to keep the career-engine running, but at a more moderate pace.

And to think that one more blissful day of Mardi Gras holiday has yet come come, that day followed by a shortened three-day work week to fast-forward to the next weekend, blessed already by the weatherman’s prognostication of mild temps and fair skies: forebodings of spring.