Has something changed in the law that gives traffic right of way to pedestrians in a cross walk?


Why paint the lines if the pedestrian has no right of way?

I wonder.  As a jogger who runs across intersections several times a week, I note that more and more vehicle drivers could  care less about pedestrians.  Last week, two incidents:

As I approached an intersection where the driver had a stop sign, I noticed the driver wasn’t watching out for me.  In fact, the driver was talking on her telephone!  Even though I reached the intersection before the car and clearly had the right of way, the fact that the driver didn’t make eye contact worried me.  And well it did!  I stopped at the curb and watched the car ease into the intersection, the driver chatting in distraction on her phone.  If I’d have kept on my course, even with the right of way legally mine, I’d have been run over!

About five minutes and several blocks later, I approached another intersection–a four-way stop.  Like the incident before, the driver was talking on the telephone.  I noticed he wasn’t watching me, so I paused at the intersection–even though I had the right of way in the cross walk.  Good thing I stopped.  He continued through the intersection, chatting ever-so-the-while, as he gave me a courteous wave as acknowledging gratefully my  yielding of the right of way for his passage.  And wouldn’t you know?  This “friendly” motorist was a City of Eunice policemen on duty in a patrol car!

I give up.  When even the police don’t acknowledge the law, first for yielding the right of way to pedestrians and second for not phone talking while driving, what relief can the public expect?