Last spring we planted a Bridal Wreath shrub in hopes of blossoms for the next spring.

Next spring is here, and the Bridal Wreath has bloomed.

Why a Bridal Wreath?  I have a sentimental attachment to this shrub going back to early childhood.  In the front yard at the New Zion parsonage where my first memories  hatched, a flourishing Bridal Wreath grew.  Yes, it was a blooming shrub in spring, but I also recall it’s long, wispy branches made ideal switches: fitting instruments of discipline for disobedient or recalcitrant children. Mama knew that use better than I!bridalwreath

Not that I was ever recalcitrant . . .

But yes, I fear, I do recall the switch of Bridal Wreath discipline applied to my  childhood  posterior: Not brutally or abusedly, but deservedly, for I was a normal, wanton child.

So with all that childhood water washed under the bridge, here’s to the blossoms of spring!