I’ve heard old Cajuns joke about their ancestors’ frugal determination to waste nothing.  For the boucherie de cochon, they chuckled at how MaMere and PaPere cooked or preserved every part of the hog “but the squeal.”


What a delicacy!

That lesson isn’t lost till this day.  I wonder how many meat markets in the USA sell pig tails, for example?  And not just pig tails, but smoked pig tails?  And note the price per pound–These are precious pig tails!

The site of this sale is the brand-spanking new Eunice Superette retail outlet in Eunice, Cajun Capitol of the world, Louisiana.  And I guarantee this: If the Superette staff of Cajun butchers figures out some way to package the squeal, it’ll be  on sale in the meat case next to those smoked pig tails.