In years gone by, spring weeds never bothered me.   I just mowed more often this time of year. In mature middle-age, though, I’ve grown less and less tolerant of those assorted late winter/early spring trashy weeds and grasses that flourish and thrive as the spring lengthens into longer, warmer days.


A common symptom of spring fever is weed and feed madness: Not terminal, but certainly maddening.

Right now, the war and assault on trashy weeds and grass rages in full fury.  I have 3 or four species of herbicides to kill every manner of these offensive plants as soon as they sprout.  I patrol the yard daily with varied sprayers and poisons to strategically kill the weeds without harming the good stuff.

If I’d be a little more patient, the warmer weather will eventually take the problem away, because the trashy plants will succumb to summer’s heat as the desirable lawn takes over and dominates.  But I’ve decided the war-on-weeds is fun.  In this sub-tropical greenhouse climate, the competition between the teeming weeds and my determined opposition makes good sport.  Plus, the daily chores give me something to do in the afternoon, keeping me off the streets and out of trouble.  And it’s a biblical charge, for I labor to subdue the earth—- at least the 130’X 65′ part of it that I own.