Please, birds: Make your nests higher than the reach of Marley’s nose.

Marley the Dog is an avid bird watcher.  He uses his nose rather than binoculars, and he’s quite adept at pin-pointing  aviary objects.

But not adept at identifying species like human bird-watchers: he’s adept at killing chicks when he finds a low-hanging nest.

He patrols the hedges and the wisteria growing along the back yard boundaries every spring.  The stupid birds who don’t have enough sense to elevate their nests beyond the range of sniffing dogs’ noses are asking for disaster!   Several times in recent  years, he’s sniffed out nests and leaped into the bushes to snatch the  fledglings who never stood a chance.  Poor nest planning, mommy birds!

We’ve done our best to rehabilitate Marley’s primeval killer  instincts, but to no avail.  Our playful, bright-eyed  puppy dog with his abundant swishing tail is hell-bent for business when the soul of the canine hunter kicks in.  He’s a brutal murderer.

Woe to the birds.  Woe to his masters who cringe at the violence.

But joy to Marley.  Killing birds and lizards, frogs and snakes, is  what he does.