I’m glad I don’t have to labor to make a living—-as in manual labor.  I did 3 1/2 hours of it this morning in the sultry outdoors, white-washing this fence and half of the trim around the house.


After tank-sprayer applications of bleach + Jo Max solution, followed by scrub brush-applications of elbow grease, the fence shimmers in the midday sun.

At the same time, I don’t mind doing that kind of work, as long as its on my terms, which include the following:

  • I can hire somebody to do it if I don’t want to do the task myself.
  • I can decide when to start and when to quit.
  • I mustn’t have something else to do that I’d rather do.
  • The outcome of the work must be gratifying.
  • The work is relatively mindless, requiring little or no skill.
  • I prefer doing manual labor that benefits me and/or my own property.

Today’s chores met all those criteria, so the work was both entertaining and fulfilling.   The task went along perfectly with the second weekday of summer vacation.   I’ll probably give manual labor another turn tomorrow after I take the afternoon off today to goof off as a trade-off for the morning’s exertion.

Progress Report on Summer Vacation 2016: So far, so good.