The lune form is a 13 syllable tercet—-5/3/5 syllable  pattern in three lines.  I encouraged

Photo on 6-4-16 at 3.30 PM

Imprisoned on the patio: This post inspired by a rain-soaked back yard on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

my students to string together a series of related lunes to form stanzas  to create a longer poem.  Let’s see if the teacher can follow his own counsel, using a rainy Saturday afternoon as subject matter.




Rainy daze?  Never
This daze for cool stuff.

Like grilling, chilling,
Hanging out
on the patio,

Jogging and yard work.
Sleep late, too.
Life’s too short to stress,

And weekends pass fast:
Too fast . . . So,
Rain, rain, go away–

Come hate on Monday
If you must:
Saturdaze for love.