Was it just over a week ago that I took this photo from the high point of the Trail Ridge Road, high above the tree line, in the barren, snow-swept heights of the Colorado Rockies?


Pinch me: Was I really beholding this breath-taking scene just a little over a week ago?

Today is the Saturday after returning from the Rockies. Since coming home this past week we observed the heat index surpass 100  every day.  Worse, from day to day, the moderating breeze we noted early in the week has grown fainter and fainter.  If early-afternoon patio conditions were oppressive Tuesday and Wednesday, I don’t have a word for what the conditions felt like the last couple of days.  Words like murderous, brutal, cruel, and withering come to mind.  Adding to the discouragement we feel about this early season oppression is the consideration that we’re still officially in spring.  Summer doesn’t begin until next week!  How much longer must we endure this sun-swept season of mosquitoes, flies,  and slimy sweat?

The prospect for relief is dreary, since the calendar’s reality  is as unalterable as Gulf Coast climatology.  The rest of June, along with July and August, must run their inexorable  steamy courses as we yearn for the relief that attends the arrival of September and October.  (And hopefully dodging hurricanes as we make out way through those months!)

With little prospect for relief, I’ll just gaze at this photo from our Rocky Mountain spring  as I close my eyes and recall the sensory details of that vacation morning: the sky-blue canopy overhead, the frosty chill of the thin mountain air,  and the biting wind sweeping across the tundra on that morning may not evaporate today’s humidity and perspiration, but I will certainly smile appreciatively that I have those memories to covet against the ravages of summertime in Louisiana.