Yep, I believe June 20, the anniversary of the lunar cycle’s summer solstice, is the best day


This longest day is the best day.

of the year simply because there’s more day in the day.  Here’s a short list of reasons.

  • In my post-retirement career, the entire month of June—-along with July—-is a total vacation.  As a result, June 20 affords more hours of vacation than any other day of the year.
  • The summer solstice occurs at the peak of bloom and blossom.  The outdoors are lush and verdant.
  • We are outdoor-loving patio dwellers at heart.  We live and play outdoors, weather-permitting, most of the year.  We rarely come in before dark, so this is out longest-lasting evening of the year for many of our favored pursuits.
  • The despised dog days of summer are yet to come.  Some of spring’s temperate moderation persists for most of June, so there’s usually nothing in the weather to abhor, as there will be a month or so later.