IMG_0563Browsing through our local Winn Dixie yesterday, we came across a display featuring these packages of frozen alligator filet.  Looking more closely at the  label, this package is processed right here in our South Louisiana hometown.  Authentic Louisiana fare!

I wonder how other parts of the country regard alligator as  grilling fare?   We run into alligator occasionally on restaurant menus.  For example, I’ve had fried gator nuggets as an appetizer, and I once had an alligator sausage po’boy  in New Orleans.  I know, too, that some Cajun cooks use it in sauce piquant, though I’ve never sampled gator in that genre.

Do I like alligator?  Why not, I suppose.  (If I would eat Rocky Mountain oysters, I surely wouldn’t run from a slice of gator flesh!).  For my taste, it’ll never replace oysters or even shrimp as my go-to seafoods of choice.  But I’m certainly not opposed to eating alligator, either.

The idea of grilling it seems novel, but some Facebook friends assured us that the packager of this product, Riceland Crawfish in Eunice, Louisiana, publishes a cookbook that has tasty recipes.  We’ll do a little research and see what happens.  Grilled gator on the patio just may be a Lou’siana thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.