Marley: “Wake me up to go outside when it’s October.”

The climatological peak of summer along the Deep South Gulf Coast is upon us.  An hour ago as I drove through town on some errands, the temp registered 97.

No problem for Sadie and Marley, though.  Their dog “daze” comes not from panting in the sweltering, dusty shade outside but from napping the afternoons away on the cozy carpets inside the air-conditioned house.  They’ll come to life for a few hours late this evening right before sunset, go outside and bark at passing cats and bike riders they can see on the next-street-over from their backyard outpost, and on really lucky days, chase down an unlucky lizard crawling along the side of the house.

But once the sun starts to set and the mosquitoes begin to buzz, they come in to retire for the night in their kennels.

Sure looks like some variation on hibernation to me.  And if not hibernation, then I guess we’ll call them plain old spoiled-rotten.