God did not create  Mid-July  in the Deep South for man’s comfort.  This week, we enter the climatological peak of the summer season, in fact.  The  atmosphere, saturated with dew point and dripping humidity, remains intolerable for the entirety of each 24 hour period, save for occasional relief from the downdraft of a passing shower.  But even those periods of thunderstorm relief are short-lived, because once the storm passes  and the clouds give way to the re-emergent


Actors in Summer Commercials: They always smile, they never sweat.

sun, the rain-dampened earth cooks up a natural steam bath more sweaty than before the storm.

So this time of year, when I see commercials on TV set in verdant sun-drenched landscapes, showing carefree characters lounging about comfortably in light pastel colors or engaged in pleasurable pursuits  of outdoor recreation and leisure, with nary a bead of perspiration popping out on their  brow or sweaty armpit rings dampening their shirts, I declare, “Humbug!”

And I wish I could crawl into the phony, idyllic world of that commercial just for a few hours.

But alas, all we can do is pine for shorter, cooler days come October.  Meanwhile, we sweat on.