Sarah posted this piece on Facebook this morning.  I thought the piece deserved a wider audience and a place to preserve it, so with her permission, here it is, in words that only a mom can express.

It was April 1982 and what I thought was a routine 6 month visit to my obstetrician, suddenly was anything but, when I unexpectedly heard him say, “If you want and expect to keep this baby, you’ll have to go home immediately, call your employer and tell him you 13901597_10210275315897905_5100104859547092303_nwon’t be back, and go to bed – that’s laying flat on your back, feet propped up on pillows and you’re allowed to be up 1 hour a day and that equals all your trips to the bathroom in a 24 hr. time period. I was shocked, (I felt fine) but, replied I would give my employer 2 wks. notice, and my Dr. corrected me and said, “No, you don’t understand, if you want keep this baby, you call them TONIGHT and say you won’t be returning.”

I followed Dr.’s orders and am so forever grateful for my husband, and my parents who took such loving care of me for the next 3 months. Although the time seemed like an eternity, I tried to busy myself with activity. I read, watched tv, did needlepoint, crochet, crossword puzzles and anything else I could think of to pass the time…. flat on my back.

All this to say… Was it worth it? No question! Zachary Christian Pulling was born Aug. 4, 1982- 3 wks. late (my mom always said it was a true answer to prayer because God had “sealed him inside” so very “snuggly” that he just wasn’t in any rush to enter the world.
I prayed then that God would just give me the chance to show him the world and to hold his hand. I wanted to be his mom and I wanted to show him what it meant to be loved. I hope I’ve done that.

I thank God for the gift of being his mom.
Happy birthday Zach!
I love you!❤️