Three trips into the attic to stem the dripping tide yesterday  painfully reminded me of muscles I haven’t thought about in years. 12 + inches [of rain] are enough!

Our grandparents marked the epic flood of 1927 as their high water mark—-no pun intended; our generation will mark the flood of 2016 as our  flood epic.  The ’27 flood was big-river flooding, mainly–the Mississippi and its tributaries.  But the ’16 flood rose  from torrential rain.  We’re astounded


Simply too much rain!

at the number of people in our locale, for example,  whose homes took on water from rain-induced street flooding with nary a stream nor bayou nearby.

I also believe that the territorial extent of the ’16 flood surpasses the 1927 flood.  From the Pearl River on the east, almost to the Sabine River on the west, the ’16 deluge washed across all of south Louisiana with sensational effect.