The sustenance of an all-morning in-service: Not by bread alone.

How many tedious, butt-numbing hours of in-service,  committee service, and administrative service  accumulate in thirty-seven years of a career in education?  I’m not sure of the number of  hours in answer to that question, but surely enough hours that add up to many, many daze.

In most of these meetings, especially the ones that go on for multiple hours, the endurance of will pits the mind versus the behind: Which portion of the anatomy has greater capacity than the other to absorb the abuse resulting from interminable hours of squirming in an uncomfortable chair, of straining to remain alert (and at times, awake!).

Sometimes the mind prevails, other times the behind, but in all cases, the contest is nip and tuck.  And in reality, neither wins—-in the meeting-bureaucracy of educational administration, both mind and behind are well-acquainted with losing.