I remember the first time we ran the mile in high school P.E.  We thought we were going to die!  As I recall, I ran somewhere in the 7 minute range and thought that was slow.  I wish I could run a 7 1/2 minute mile now!


The marvels of technology allow me to chronicle run stats for each day’s effort.  But the thrill is not the tech, but the run.

But at least I can still run a mile, and more than a mile, as I’ve more or less kept up the habit of running for about forty years.  My favorite running season is the early fall, after the brutality of summer heat  lets up.  The air is warm and the humidity much more tolerable.  On some of these crisp October days, I feel like I could run ten miles (Of course that’s in my head, because I can’t, but it’s nice to feel as if I could!).

I much prefer running outdoors, even year round.  Watching a TV while going nowhere on a treadmill would bore me.  This afternoon as I cruised across a broad grassy field on the way home, an endorphin rush created a fleeting sensation of gliding.  I thought to myself, “This feels good!”  I can’t run as fast nor as far as I did years ago, but I can still run.

And so I will run until either it’s no longer fun or I just can’t do it anymore, whichever comes first.