to keep it holy!

I’m all for that!  And  the original Sabbath ordained in Moses’s day was  Saturday. The Christian church altered the pattern when it made Sunday the church-going day, but no authority re-designated the Sabbath as Sunday (at least to my knowledge?).

Later, Jesus clarified the Pharisees’ corruption of Sabbath Day holiness and legalism by reminding them (and us) that Sabbath was made for man.


Our back yard on Sabbath is not Adam’s and Eve’s Garden of Eden, but it is Sarah’s, David’s, Sadie’s, and Marley’s!

So here’s how I see it: Today is Saturday, and I am man, so this is my day.  I will keep it holy by recreating my mind, by exercising my body, and by restoring my spirit.  I feel like that’s what God had in mind way back yonder in Eden.

Praise and thanks to God for Sabbath!