We’ve never done anything more exotic for Thanksgiving than drive a few hours to family gatherings.  Tomorrow, we venture on a bolder holiday plan as we brave air travel from Louisiana to Colorado.

img_0692In preparation today, I finished the mid-fall yard work, washed the car to shine on the lot at LFT while we’re gone, polished off the laundry, finalized arrangements with the dog sitter, and packed for the trip.  We’re set.

In the past, I resisted the idea of holiday air travel.  Excessive fares, the possibility of weather complications, the reality of holiday airport congestion—-all were unsettling and discouraging.  But we rolled the dice a couple of months ago since we’re really lonesome for our daughter (and she for us) and reserved the trip.  The weatherman has been kind considering our plans, giving us clear travel days going as well as returning, and even the days in between.

So on the morrow, as the old folks in Acadiana would say, “Allons.”