The river follows the course outlined by the trees beyond. 

A week ago today, our Colorado kids took us along the Cache a la Poudre River trail on the high plains of Colorado just west of Greeley and east of the mountain foothills.  Back home this time of year, the landscape is still green, so the pervasive brown color of dead grass and leafless trees was striking.  The frost-chilled air nipped at our fingers and toes, too—-our thin Gulf Coast blood was tested by the cold.

What did  wagon train settlers from the east think of this landscape in an earlier century of American history?  Many of those courageous souls who settled the West came through these parts; they likely drew water from this stream as they camped along its banks, as they gazed at the purple haze of imposing mountains looming on the western horizon.

This landscape echoes the wild American West of history.  These waters flow sacred.  We were honored to hike along this portion of its course.