Tonight’s forecast low is 32–the weather service issued a freeze warning.  In Colorado two weeks ago, the overnight lows were in the upper teens. The weatherman never said anything about a freeze warning.

A couple of week ago, we were in Greeley, Colorado.  The day before Thanksgiving, the morning low was around 19.  I recall we dropped by the supermarket fairly early that morning, maybe around 9 or 10.  The temp had warmed up to near freezing, the sun was doing its best to shine, and the wind was moderate.  We heard cheerful shoppers and grocery store employees admiring the weather.  Expressions of “It’s great out this morning!” or “This is a beautiful day!” were upon the lips of many.

Today in Louisiana, a front passed overnight.  The temperature hovered in the mid to upper forties all day.  The early morning misty rain gave way to partly-cloudy skies by early afternoon, but the 20+ mph gusty breeze was persistent.  A weather service issued a freeze warning for overnight lows near or slightly below 32. All day long, friends and colleagues marveled at the brisk weather as if winter were a ferocious beast.  Expressions of “Darn, it’s cold!” and “This is miserable!” were upon the lips of many.

Hmmmmm, had those Coloradans been here this afternoon, they’d have been admiring our day as  a mild winter’s day.  What a difference 1200 or so miles makes?

Yes, I confess, we’re winter weather wimps.  But I’ll lay odds that we would roll longer and farther than the Coloradans on a  Gulf Coast afternoon in July or August: the wimpy table must turn with the season.