It’s Christmas on the patio!

On this shortest day of the year as we enter the climatologically coldest season, we are at the mercy of winter’s short days and blustery chill, which tends to disrupt the comfort of outdoor patio dwelling that we so much enjoy in the more temperate seasons.  We’re driven indoors for most of the winter months.  One of the advantages of living on the Gulf Coast, though, are those occasional mild spells in December and January that provide a few days of warm-weather relief.

We had such a moderate spell last weekend when I snapped this photo, as we  moved outdoors to enjoy a rare December afternoon on the patio.  A day or two later,  the weather pattern changed, and several days of an Arctic blast  drove us inside.  But over most of the next several days leading to Christmas and beyond, the weatherman is forecasting a change in the pattern that will result in perfect patio-dwelling  conditions.  We’ll be grillin’ and not-so-much chillin’ over the holiday weekend.

How odd to recall that when I was younger, the mild spells this time of year drove me to dismay.  I wanted cold: the more frigid, the better!  But now older and more moderate in many ways, give me the mild, for mild is wild. Especially in winter.