Holidays are attended by the glad and the sad: glad that we gather with loved ones and friends; sad that the older we grow,we gather with fewer loved ones as age anusd failing health diminish the number of loved ones from year to year.


As time goes on, our gatherings are smaller but still just as warm.

Today’s gathering with Mama provides an example.  Twenty years ago when so many other parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/brothers/sisters were alive, our holiday reunions were  noisy, boisterous affairs attended by dozens.  Compare such a party with today’s quiet gathering with Mama—-my own family not even complete because one child lives in Colorado: We had fun, we ate well, and we relished the hour, but we didn’t make enough family noise to disturb a rat’s nap like we would have many years ago.

I’m reminded that life is cyclical and seasonal.  The cycles and seasons that were fade into cycles and seasons that are . . . and we move on amid the blessing.