The following is a transcription of my first hand-written entry in the journal shown in the photo below.

I love the prologue to John’s gospel:

“In the beginning was logos (the Word), and logos (the Word) was God.”

The Greek word for word—-logos—-is divine! (and no wonder, the origiimg_0853nal manuscripts of the New Testament were written in Greek.)

So two young ladies I teach—-sisters—-blessed me with the journal in the photo as a Christmas gift: a repository for logos!  I am truly moved and grateful, as their teacher, that their sensitivity in choosing a gift for me led to the choice of this booklet.

Since I recognize the talents in both of them as young writers with a gift for logos, I believe their choice was intuitive: writer to writer, they recognized my gift for writing because of their own gifts for writing.

May I as their teacher be a worthy and effective steward of this gift of logos!