Except for the boring Senior Bowl and the even more boring NFL Pro Bowl, this weekend is the first football-less weekend since the last week of August.  Years ago, this weekend would have bothered me.fn-logo

But age and patience and moderating taste have given me new interests and a hope for tomorrow when football is gone: Food.

We are avid Food Network and Cooking Channel junkies.  We keep the DVR filled with recordings of Pioneer Woman, The Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, America’s Test Kitchen, and all the others so that during the long nights of weekday winter, we always have fresh and tasty alternatives to network programming  (especially since football no longer fills those viewing voids).

For the past few years, every weekend is a cookout.  Weather permitting, we cook outside; weather-not-permitting does not exist, because we move the culinary show indoors if the outdoors is inhospitable.  One way or the other, we experiment, we invent, and we eat.  Oh, so well.


Grilled pork chops with cauliflower rice topped with avocado: One recent weekend’s tasty culinary experiment.