Spring weather always comes before the official spring season along the Gulf Coast because of our sub-tropical climate.  But what will make this year’s spring so memorable is that spring came waaaaaaaay too early.  Azaleas, for example, began blooming in late January.  In my 64 years in these parts, I don’t remember ever seeing azalea blossoms that early.  We used to think mid-February blooms were an early-season oddity.


Marley the Dog loves spring transplanting, too, because the upturned soil is full of tasty grub worms.

No complaints here, though.  We used this first day of our Mardi Gras holiday to plant and transplant shrubs.  The 80 degree weather  this afternoon was more like April than late February, so we perspired a little.  But I’ll take that, too.  For my taste, balm is better than cold!