Our visit with Mark Savoy last Wednesday when I got my new accorion yielded a tale Mark remembered about Sarah’s grandfather, Noé Young, affectionately known by her and her  cousins as PaPère.  The words that follow are Sarah’s, borrowed here with her permission.  The “You” she addresses refers to numerous cousins she shared this tale with a few days ago.  The picture below shows PaPère (in khakis) with Sarah’s Nonc Earl in the early 1940’s.

You may have already heard this one, but, here’s the story Mr. Mark  remembers vividly about PaPère. He said he always remember PaPère wearing his bib overalls and said his dad, Joel, and PaPère and a few others frequently fished together on the bayou.  It was their habit to eat there as well.  PaPère was almost always the designated cook. It was their habit that everyone bring their own plate to eat.  Mark’s dad, Joel, told Mark that PaPère ALWAYS img_9899“forgot” 😉 to bring his plate and would be forced to eat out of the pot he cooked in. Mr.  Joel laughingly told Mark since PaPère liked his own cooking, he left his plate on purpose so no one could see how much he ate!