This morning I observed an English IV class at Notre Dame High School in Crowley.  For their bell work, the students were using Romantic era pieces of art as prompts for writing narrative.  I googled “romantic art”and came up with this early 19th century painting of Salisbury Cathedral in England.  Since I’m doing Shakespeare with my classes at St. Ed’s, blank verse (unrhymed lines of imabic pentameter) was on my mind, so I decided to craft my piece in blank verse.  I finished this piece in about ten minutes and when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to share, I shared, naturally.  (Sometimes I write to show off, I admit).  Here’s the blank verse setting, with the painting of Salisbury Cathedral.


Morbid, dark and ponderous clouds sail aloft
Over  gaunt Salisbury Cathedral.
Is this dreary structure sanctuary
for holy grace? A balm in Gilead?
Or rather some frightsome dwelling place
For disturbing spirits loosed from Hades?
But hope and praise! Beyond the smokey clouds
In the eastern sky, behold heav’ns rainbow!
God’s bright promise overrules the darkness.
Hie me thence into His marvelous light!