A trait of the human condition is to occupy comfortable spaces and, over time, to fill those spaces with  aesthetic appointments that contribute to our comfort: pleasing accoutrements such as accent furniture, frilly decorations, appliances, curios, jingly-jangly hanging things, etc etc.  After a few years, of course, the living space loses its aesthetic charm as accumulation transforms the  space into clutter: all of those charming accoutrements gradually assume the aspect of junk.

So what does man do to get rid of the clutter and junk when the space runs out of space?  Why, of course, he doesn’t get rid of stuff.  He enlarges the space so the stuff can spread out once again into a pleasing array of aesthetic accoutrements.  And to boot, with the enlarged space, he renews his industry of adding and accumulating  accoutrements of comfort, now that he has space.


Out of space?  No problem: Add a 10’X10′ extension to the slab and cover with aluminum: Instant Space for patio dwelling!