We visited yesterday afternoon with Sarah’s Nonc Roger, who celebrates his 93rd birthday this weekend.  As a repository of tales and family lore, he is the surviving pièce de résistance.  As he spun tale after tale from his rich reserve of memoirs, I thought of an LPB piece last week when a folklorist spoke of the older generation, suggesting that every time one of them passes on, it’s like a library filled with unduplicated records and files burning to the ground.  The contents of that library are lost forever.  What a tragedy!


Joyeux fêtes, Nonc Roger.

We were fascinated as he spun tale after tale from the bygone generation of his youth.

A highlight was his recount of  having a tooth pulled with NO anesthetic when he was 8 or 9 years old. I realized how many interesting tales our parents’ generation has to share and how much our generation needs to remember.

I only hope that our minds have the capacity to remember so much.  We must be as busy remembering and preserving our  legacies for our children at the same time.

So much to remember, so much to cherish!