I was blessed to be raised by a genuine Daddy.  I hope my kids would say the same (although they called me “Papa” in the Cajun style.  Papa in Cajun = Daddy in English).


This is a daddy????

So what’s up with this public service commercial that’s running lately, encouraging biological fathers to take a few minutes of their time each day to be a dad?  In the commercial, here’s this heavily tatooed dude with a muscle shirt and streaming locks  singing “I’m a Little Teapot” with his daughter (Don’t tell me this guy represents responsible manhood that strives and works and achieves to support a household!)

My Daddy took more than “a few minutes each day to be a dad.”  Being Daddy was his calling, his life’s work, his highest responsibility.  He learned the role from his daddy, my grandfather, and passed it down to me.

So where have all the daddies gone in this culture that wages war on family? in this generation that eschews marriage? in this age that doesn’t value commitment to family relationships?

We have become a society adrift in the sea of self-satisfaction.  Our children will suffer.

Daddy and me

Now this (on the left) was a Daddy!