Smothered okra with chicken thighs and sausage: Distinctly Cajun!

I always tell my son and my son-in-law that the happiest decision they ever made was to marry a Cajun girl. I did!

One of the blessings of marrying Cajun happens in the kitchen, often with a cured black cast iron pot.  Such pots are common to other regional cuisines in the Deep South and elsewhere, but prairie Cajuns have unique black pot dishes.

Like smothered okra with chicken and sausage.  I grew up in the rural Deep South, and growing up, I ate my share of okra—-mostly fried—-but this dish is Cajun!  Sarah learned the recipe from her mom, who sometimes varied the recipe by adding shrimp.

I hadn’t tasted this delicacy in several years—-maybe more—–so when Sarah prepared it yesterday, we had an exciting and tasty culinary visitation with the past.

In conclusion: Cajun girls do it right.