Usually, I hate going to WalMart.  But watching my 92 year old mother ambling up and down the aisles at the WalMart Super Center a couple of weeks ago was a treat.  She’s neither as sure nor as fleet afoot as she was in her prime, but she hangs on to that shopping cart and rolls!  During this excursion, she covered the store’s floor plan practically from one end to the other, and she never once complained about being tired.

Actually, I think she thrives on shopping.  And on this day  she took advantage of shopping with family who could help her unload and haul in her stash when she got back to the apartment.  She left the store with quite a haul!  (When the apartment staff brings the residents in the courtesy van, the old folks have to lug  their own bags up to their rooms, so Mama’s careful not to buy more goods than she  can manage—-to a  shopping-lover, what a disincentive!)

Anyway, we had an entertaining outing.  When (or if) I attain two-and-ninety, I should hope to do as well.


How many women 90+ still have their natural hair color (naturally natural, I mean)?